Our Mission

The HHM Film Slam Challenge was created with a simple goal in mind – Remove all the usual excuses and provide a simple framework for aspiring filmmakers to ‘get out there’ and shoot something that they can see on the big screen.

Our mission is to support filmmakers by making the most collaborative art form out there accessible to anyone that wishes to say, “I made a film this weekend.”

Note From The HHM Film Slam Producer

Tammie Stimpfel, HHM Film Slam Producer

Email: info@hhmfilmslam.com

2018 Official Time Period

The HHM Film Slam event will occur in the Bay City, MI area between Friday, September 14 at 7:00pm and Sunday, September 16 at 7:00pm. This is the Official Time Period.

Join us at 6 pm on Friday, September 14, at the Hell’s Half Mile Headquarters located at 701 Washington Ave, Suite 203, for the Criteria Kick-off we will cut you loose at 7 p.m. to begin writing your script!

The participating group/team must complete its film/video work in time to have it uploaded it to a location to be announced, on Sunday, September 16, by 7:00pm. Only works that meet the deadline will be officially part of the competition and eligible for the cash award prize.

All films received on Sunday (on-time and late) will be screened at Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival at The State Theatre on Saturday, September 29th at 9am

Hello! Welcome!

My name is Tammie Stimpfel, I am co-owner of Ohno Design, a web/graphic design/marketing company in Bay City, Michigan.

I fell in love with filmmaking through a 48-hour film challenge. What I discovered, without knowing a thing about film, other than watching them at a theater every now and again, was how collaborative this art form is. Each film is it’s own unique creation, a canvas touched by many.

In November 2017 I became determined to coordinate a local film challenge and started talking to Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival (HHM) Director Alan LaFave about doing this competition in association with the festival. When he offered to screen the films during the festival I was thrilled! What a perfect fit for this event to be a part of HHM, and for HHM to support local filmmakers.

Anyway, here we are in 2018 approaching the 13th Annual Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival at the end of September. I am madly trying to get everything in place to make this 1st Annual HHM Film Slam event happen as flawlessly as a new event can be. HHM has themed this year Lucky 13, I surely hope so!

Please be aware it is a new addition to the festival and I am open to suggestions. My main goal right now is to make this intensely compressed filmmaking process accessible to local filmmakers, and to those who would like to discover all the amazing talents it takes to make a film. It is an exhausting way to have a weekend of fun while learning a lot.

Also, note that this website is set up to become a database for filmmakers as well as a Team communication center. By signing up as a Member, it’s free, you will have the opportunity to connect with actors, crew, producers, directors and other talent. Please join even if you can’t participate this time.

Happy Filmmaking!

Tammie Stimpfel

HHM Film Slam Producer