What is an HHM Film Slam?

NEW EVENT IN FEBRUARY 2019: A 72-Hour Winter Film Slam!

The HHM Film Slam is a coordinated event with Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival (HHM) that pits filmmaking teams against the clock creating a fun, challenging and highly creative collaborative challenge by making a 3-7 minute short film  — script through submission — in one weekend!

2019 Winter Film Slam

This is an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels to make a film in one weekend, then have screen it at the State Theatre the following Friday. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Following the HHM Film Slam short screenings, we will announce our judges’ pick, which will be presented during the HHM Film Series Not too Cold For Shorts program on February 22nd. How cool is that?

This competition is limited to 12 teams.

We hope you join in the fun!

Our Mission

The HHM Film Slam Challenge was created with a simple goal in mind – Remove all the usual excuses and provide a simple framework for aspiring filmmakers to ‘get out there’ and shoot something that they can see on the big screen.

Our mission is to support filmmakers by making the most collaborative art form out there accessible to anyone that wishes to say, “I made a film this weekend.”

HHM 72-hour Winter Film Slam – February 1-4, 2019

Screening and Awards at The State Theatre – February 8, 2019 at 7pm


  • 1. Register and gather your team


    • Register your team through the HHM Film Slam registration page, www.HHMFilmSlam.com/register-your-team/.  If you would like to be part of a team we will help pair you up. After submitting your team registration and the $50 fee, you will receive confirmation and more information via email.
    • During the lead up to the HHM Film Slam, teams recruit their cast and crew, scout locations, pull their gear together and don’t forget snacks. Get as much as together as you can, even if you don’t end up using it. Waiver/release paperwork is required for cast and crew members, locations (if non-public), music and materials such as special effects.
  • 2. Friday Night Kickoff

    6pm – 7pm on February 1, 2019

    • At least one team member comes to the HHM office, 721 Washington Ave. – Suite 203, Bay City, Michigan, to receive the information packet, which includes required elements.
    • You’ll receive two random genres to make a choice from for your HHM Film Slam short’s main film style.
    • Also announced at this time are — a character, a prop and a line of dialogue — ALL of which must appear in each film.
    • Go, go, go!
  • 3. Film Weekend

    Your next 72-hours will go something like this:

    • Friday Night: Brainstorm story, write script, notify cast of roles and gather props/costumes.
    • Saturday: Production! Cast reports early to rehearse, runs lines and commence filming.
    • Saturday Night: Rough editing and music selection (or production!).
    • Sunday: More editing, and Hey! you have time for a reshoot.
    • Monday: Final editing, fine-tuning, render and upload to designated dropbox.
  • 4. Sunday Night Film Submission

    7pm on February 4, 2019

    • Your film must be between 3 and 7 minutes long, excluding title card and post credits (1 minute limit).
    • Opening credits are allowed but they are counted against your 7-minute limit.
    • All teams submit their films along with the required paperwork to a designated dropbox folder for your team.
    • But don’t be late! Lateness disqualifies the team from awards eligibility — but all films are screened. Film tech requirements will be sent once registered.
  • 5. Premiere Big Screen Viewing

    Friday, February 8, 2019 at 7pm
    at Bay City’s stunning State Theatre

    • Lateness disqualifies the team from awards eligibility, but all films will be screened.
    • HHM Film Slam Awards will be announced following the screening event.
    • Judges Choice Award will also be screened during the HHM Film Series Not Too Cold For Shorts program on February 22, 2019 at 7pm.
  • 6. Awards

    • Lateness disqualifies the team from awards eligibility, but all films will be screened and awards will be announced following the screening event.
    • Standouts in your short films, such as Best Actor, Best Use of Criteria, etc. will be recognized.
    • Cash prizes awarded films selected by the HHM Film Slam Judges. Cash prize amounts to be determined by the number of entries we get.
    • The registration fee has been lowered for this event. Your $50 registration fee goes to the cash prize awards. 
    • The culmination of all your hard work is a screening of your film at The State Theatre. All submitted films (both late and on-time) will be screened on Friday, September 8th at 7pm. After the screening, we will have a short panel discussion about the films and a cash award presentation.
    • The Judges’ Choice from the eligible HHM Film Slam shorts will replay during the HHM Film Series Not Too Cold For Shorts, also at The State Theatre on Friday, February 22, 2019 at 7pm.

    Awards and recognition will be posted on the HHM Film Slam website


    This is a Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival event.


    Because you will learn a lot about filmmaking in a short amount of time with the most fun.


    Kick-off – 7 pm Friday, February 1, 2019
    Filmmaking – For the next 72 hours
    Deadline – 7 pm Monday,February 4, 2019

    Viewing – 7 pm Friday, February 8, 2019


    Kick-off will be at the HHM Office,
    721 Washington Ave. – Suite 203,
    Bay City, Michigan 48708

    Filming locations will be up to you to secure.


    $50 per team, all proceeds go toward the cash awards. Hell’s Half Mile Events, is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and expanding the art of independent film, music, and entertainment.

    For more information please contact coordinator Tammie Stimpfel at info@hhmfilmslam.com


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    This is a first time event, so bear with us as we work out details. Please direct questions to Tammie via email: info@hhmfilmslam.com.

    This year we are going to limit this competition to 12 teams, the number of members in each team can vary, We are planning on setting up a database for individuals to express talents and interest, thus helping with team development.

    Although it’s easiest to have a producer, you do not need a production company to participate but you will need a team name and a team leader.

    All creative process must take place during the Official Time Period. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Writing the script
    • Rehearsing
    • Costume/Set Design
    • Shooting
    • Editing
    • Sound Design
    • Rendering
    • Uploading

    Things that can be established prior to kick-off are:

    • Scouting and securing locations
    • Securing equipment
    • Organizing cast
    • Organizing crew